The People Behind Westside

Liz Spencer

As the parent of a 26 year old Regional Center client, Liz has acquired more information than can be quantified. She is an exceptional advocate in Down Syndrome related services as well as Special Education, In Home Support Service, Grant Writing and Negotiating Medical and Social Services. Any questions you have regarding most areas navigating social services, Liz will have an answer. We are lucky to have her.

Ereida Galda

Ereida oringinally, came to Regional Center as a parent of a Regional Center client. She showed herself to be a very active learner about all things related to providing the best possible care for her son. After showing great promise in navigating the social systems, Ereida applied for a position in the Family Resource Center and has been active here ever since. Ereida is our resident “go to” for IEP support, In Home Support Service advocacy, Support Group Facilitation and Grant Reporting.

Martha Montealegre

Martha came to the Regional Center as the Facilitator of one of our Spanish speaking support groups. Having been the parent of a child born with Special needs who did not survive, Martha found it her calling to provide support to parents that have that shared experience. Martha is our main conduit to the Hispanic community as she offers a warm heart and a smile to all families in need.