The People Behind our Family Resource Center

La Gente Detrás de Nuestro Centro de Recursos Familiares


All of the people in our center are experienced with families with children with developmental disabilities, not only through work experience but familial experience too. Everyone in our center has a son/daughter or sibling on the spectrum.

Toda la gente en nuestro centro tiene experiencia con familias con niños con discapacidades del desarrollo, no sólo tienen experiencia del trabajo pero la experiencia familiar también. Todos en nuestro centro tienen un hijo/a o hermano/a en el espectro.


Elizabeth Spencer 

Ereida Galda

Martha Montealegre (Bilingual Support Specialist/Especialista de Apoyo Bilingue)

My name is Martha Montealegre. I am a proud single mother of three children, one of which was born with multiple disabilities. My youngest daughter Delilah was born with microcephaly and mental retardation. I began to work at the FREC in October 2005. I love the ability to be able to help parents who need information and feel they have nowhere else to go. I have been in that situation where I felt like no one understood my experience which is why I always try to be patient and understanding of parents. My daughter Delilah is my inspiration, she came into my life to give me a lesson and helped me learn how families need support. I am glad I can be the person to provide it.

Ana Da Silva


Feben Fantu (Community Outreach & Resource Coordinator/Coordinadora de Alcance Comunitario y Recursos)

My name is Feben Fantu. I am a parent to two amazing children.  My daughter has Asperger’s syndrome and my son is diagnosed with autism.  Raising my children has been a constant learning experience that continues to a life time. As challenging as being a parent to special needs children could be, the rewards are delightful.  Over the years of my parenting, I have learned to accept my children as they are as I support them in cultivating their strengths.

Before working for the WFREC, I benefited from WFREC services as a parent and knew first hand how important the center’s services are for families like mine. I am very passionate about sharing my experience with others and am greatly involved in my community providing peer support to families.  I facilitated the Ethiopian/ American support group at WFREC for years. When given the opportunity, I was elated to officially join the team at WFREC. I love working here assisting families navigate systems of support, access resources in the community as well as empowering them to take charge in the development of their children’s’ lives.

Nayma Guerrero (Community Outreach & Resource Coordinator/Coordinadora de Alcance Comunitario y Recursos)

My name is Nayma Guerrero. I have two siblings, my brother Erick has autism and ADD, and my sister Nubia has ADHD and dyslexia.  I began to work at the FREC in August 2017, and although I have only been at the FREC for a few months, it has been a very rewarding experience to be able to continue helping this particular community. Although I am not a parent, my siblings and the challenges my parents have encountered over the years have served as a teaching tool for me to learn the ropes of how to navigate the system for someone with developmental or learning disabilities. It is because of my siblings that I was introduced to the FREC at a very young age and was even a part of the Sibshops group (A support group for children) that we have here at the FREC. It is a wonderful place to work in and it is a wonderful place to meet new people and not only new support systems but information you might not be aware of, so do not be shy, please stop by and let us know what we can help you with.

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