Independent Living Centers

CFILC – California Foundation for Independent Living Centers:

Increasing access and equal opportunity for people with disabilities by buidling the capacity of Independent Living Centers. Provides information on assistive technology, access, healthcare, housing, and more.


CALIF – Communities Actively Living Independent & Free:

They help to achieve greater input, participation and control over policies and services especially those for people with disabilities, including those that exclude them. In the spirit of unity, collaboration and respect for the human dignity and civil rights of all people, Communities Actively Living Independent & Free (CALIF) envisions a culturally diverse independent living center designed to empower the Disability Community.

Westside Center for Independent Living:

The Westside Center for Independent Living is a non-residential center dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for people with all kinds of disabilities. The goal of the peer-led programs and services is the elimination of economic, social, attitudinal and environmental barriers.